‘Every child is an artist.’ – Picasso

The Art department at The West Grantham Church of England Secondary Academy comprises of two dedicated staff, one full-time and one part-time. We share a common passion for our subject to be a means for all students to be able to express themselves.

In Art we aim to encourage students to be creative by exploring their own ideas and recording their experiences. Students are encouraged to work with a wide variety of media, materials and processes.  Students have the opportunity to explore drawing, painting and printing as well as 3D.

We support the academy values by developing our students creativity, responsibility and wisdom in our lessons, considering the environment and sustainability, and reduction of waste.

Students learn how to critically reflect on their own work and the work of others. The students are given the opportunity to study work of great artists, craft makers and designers and are taught how art has influenced historical and cultural development around the world so as to understand our own diverse community.

Team and roles within the department

Mrs Pearson, Teacher of Art (KS4 GCSE Curriculum)

Mrs Bainbridge, Teacher of Art (KS3 Curriculum)


Year 7

Assessment Shoe Observational drawing (Andrea Joseph)

  1. Introduction to The Formal Elements- Perter Randall-Page
  2. Introduction to Colour Theory- Mondrian, Kandinsky, Delaunay
  3. Introduction to Printmaking- Architecture- Piper, Gaudi, Hunderwasser
  4. Mixed Media Self Portrait- Van Gogh, Neily, Freud, Lichtenstein
  5. Dot Project- Drawing and painting development- Katsuma
  6. Dot Project- Paper based 3D sculptures- Katsuma

Year 8

Assessment Cans Observational drawing (David Payton)

  1. Cultures: Gargoyles- Dry media exploration/design process
  2. Cultures: Gargoyles- 3D Air dry clay sculptures- modelling
  3. Metamorphosis- Mixed media exploration- Dali, Dada, Escher, Magritte
  4. Metamorphosis- Design process-final hybrid character final composition
  5. Food Glorious Food- Printing- Warhol, Graham, Tiebauld, Penkman
  6. Food Glorious Food- Final composition

Year 9

Assessment Everyday Objects- still life

  1. Dry media workshops- Morandi, Martin, Cezanne, Ross
  2. Mixed media workshops- Dine, Flack
  3. Portrait Artists- Media Exploration- Powell, Hatt, Ansell
  4. Figurative Artists- Artist Research written analysis- da Vinci, Moore, Gormley, Degas, Munch, Haring
  5. Independent GCSE style project- Everyday Objects -AO1,2,3
  6. Independent GCSE style project -AO4


Year 10 Edexcel exam board

Assessment: portraiture

  1. Human Condition dry media workshops and mind map – Augustus John, Marc Powell, Fred Hatt, Kathe Kolwitz, Mary Jane Ansell, Alan Coulson. A03, A01
  2. Human Condition wet media workshops- Day of the Dead, Loui Jover, Francoise Neilly, Vincent Van Gogh, Kellogs Loops, Lucian Freud, Kwangho Shin, Jenny Saville. A02, A01.
  3. Final piece Design ideas and 30 hour mixed media Final Piece. A01, A04
  4. Continue 30 hour mixed media final piece A04
  5. Lino printmaking- German Expressionism portraiture A01 A02
  6. Continue Lino portraiture printmaking A02

Year 11

Assessment: portraiture

  1. Refine and mount best ‘Human Condition’ coursework 60%
  2. Continue refining and mounting best Human Condition’ coursework. 2 hour mock exam.
  3. Exam paper 40% mind map, drawing, painting, artists’ research. 5 hour mock exam. A01, A02, A03
  4. Continue Exam preparation, mini design ideas and annotation A02.
  5. Exam 10 hours final piece A04 End of April/ start of May.


 The Art room is available Monday – Wednesday lunchtimes for relaxed independent work

KS3 Art Club Wednesday 3-4pm

KS4 Art Club Friday 3-4pm

Please click here for more information of our enrichment timetable.

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