‘Books allow you to see the world through the eyes of others.’ – Malorie Blackman, former Children’s Laureate

The English department at The West Grantham Church of England Secondary Academy comprises four dedicated full-time teaching staff and a number of supporting permanent teachers. Our whole team shares a genuine love of language and literature and a passion for reading – something we strive to share with our students.

We support the school’s values by developing our students’ Creativity, Responsibility and Wisdom in all of our lessons:

  • We encourage a creative approach to texts, so students learn to ‘read between the lines’ to uncover meanings as well as developing their own creative writing skills
  • We promote a responsible and helpful approach to learning, through a balance of independent, paired and group tasks in lessons
  • We seek to foster the wisdom that grows from reading the work of great writers and applying their insights to the world around us

Team and roles within the department


We follow the National Curriculum for KS3 English in Years 7 to 9, including study of whole texts, Shakespeare, poetry, drama, non-fiction and fiction forms, and with study of key authors. Our curriculum for KS3 has been extensively redesigned for this academic year.


We follow AQA’s popular GCSE courses for English Language and English Literature. As part of the courses studied, students complete a Non-Examined Assessment in Speaking and Listening, and sit exams testing knowledge and skills on a range of topics. Fiction and non-fiction texts are studied as part of the Language course, together with creative writing skills in a range of forms. Literature texts currently studied include Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, the Power and Conflict section of AQA’s poetry anthology, and Blood Brothers by Willy Russell:

  • Language Paper 1 (1hr45mins): includes reading one unseen fiction extract and creative writing (description/narration)
  • Language Paper 2 (1hr45mins): includes reading two unseen non-fiction extracts and creative writing (explain/argue/persuade)
  • Literature Paper 1 (1hr45mins): Macbeth and A Christmas Carol
  • Literature Paper 2 (2hr15mins): Blood Brothers, Anthology poems and Unseen Poetry


Please click here for more information of our enrichment timetable.

In English we also offer opportunities to take part in a range of workshops and school trips, enter national writing competitions, and take part in a range of literacy-based activities in our newly re-designed library.

Useful websites

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Please see your English teacher for further suggestions of online resources:

  • aqa.org.uk/subjects/english/gcse –our exam board’s specifications for English Language (8700) and English Literature (8702), with sample exam papers and mark schemes.
  • bbc.co.uk/newsround – BBC Newsround offers concise, student-friendly news reports. Great for practising summary skills and for keeping up with current affairs to support debating skills
  • bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/english/– general English skills
  • guardian.co.uk– useful for reading a wide range of well written non-fiction articles in preparation for GCSE English Language
  • bl.uk/discovering-literature – A catalogue of digitised examples of literature from different periods in history, from The British Library

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