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Strategic Vision 2019/20

  1. Quality of Education 

1.1 Create a well-planned, high quality and sequenced curriculum that builds on prior knowledge 

1.2 Develop and introduce academy-wide strategies for raising achievement in student literacy, in order for it to have a positive impact on outcomes 

1.3 Design a framework for teaching and learning to ensure the curriculum is enacted with the appropriate challenge and inclusivity 

1.4 Create framework for improving the quality and consistency of homework completion in line with the academy policy including implementation of Knowledge Organisers. 

1.5 Implement Trust-wide assessment systems and use data to inform improvements in teaching and learning and to inform timely interventions 


  1. Behaviour and Attitudes

2.1 Implement and embed the new behaviour policy to improve behaviour for learning 

2.2 Implement the ‘Bluecoat Way’ in every classroom to ensure high expectations and consistency 

2.3 Create more opportunities for meaningful student leadership in all year groups 

2.4 Implement Trust strategy for improving attendance, punctuality and reducing persistent absence 

2.5 Revise ILU provision and reduce persistent offenders through improved behaviour interventions including implementation of support plans for students at risk of exclusion 

2.6 Develop strategic plan for The Meadows alternative provision 


  1. Personal Development 

3.1 Design and successfully implement a new whole school PSHEE program to include all statutory elements and Believe Time 

3.2 Embed a consistent and coherent system of rewards 

3.3 Embed a coherent and consistent programme of CAIEG 

3.4 Develop a journey of enrichment activities across all year groups 


  1. Leadership and Management

4.1 Implement Trust strategy for effective safeguarding arrangements 

4.2 Implement distributed leadership around curriculum intent, implementation and impact 

4.3 Implement effective performance management structure through Bluesky including SMART targets and accountability structures 

4.4 Develop leadership and provision of all aspect of SEND 

4.5 Introduce clear strategy for marketing and recruitment activities to secure admissions to increase number on roll to be in line with the academy PAN 

4.6 Align CPL offer with new curriculum developments, personalising opportunities to career stage and individual need and track the impact of all internal and external events 

4.7 Develop a distinctive Christian Ethos 

4.8 Manage workload and well-being of all staff 

4.9 To spend pupil premium funding effectively delivering maximum impact and value for money 

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