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What will we learn in English at WGSA?

In Years 7, 8 and 9 we build upon the expectations of the National Curriculum through an exploration of a range of texts including Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, classic works of literature including Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and modern texts including The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater. We study a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, including poetry, travel writing and news articles.​

​In Years 10 and 11 we follow the Eduqas GCSE English Language course and the Edexcel GCSE English Literature course.​



At all levels we seek to develop our students’ creativity and communication skills, and to foster a love of reading, writing and speaking with confidence.​

How do we encourage students to succeed in English at WGSA?

We support a consistent approach to teaching and learning in all English lessons, helping students to establish effective routines to encourage progress:​

  • ‘Do Now’ recall activities at the start of every lesson​
  • ‘Knowledge Organiser’ homework tasks for each term​
  • Regular quizzing to test knowledge in lessons​
  • ‘Scaffolded’ tasks: writing frames and model answers to help students understand what is required for the highest marks​

​We provide catch-up literacy intervention through our extra literacy lessons for targeted groups in each year group.​

​We also provide extra-curricular revision clubs and encourage students to enter writing competitions.

How do English lessons at WGSA help students to prepare for the world of work?

Every term we include references in our lessons to careers relating to the skills we learn in English.​ We develop displays in our classrooms to encourage students to consider where their English GCSEs might take them in their careers.​

We teach life skills such as reading and transactional writing skills including formal letter writing.

We encourage discussion and debate in lessons to help students develop their confidence in expressing ideas and managing the contributions made by others.​

Our English teachers are always happy to help students with crafting and proofreading letters of application for responsible roles in school and beyond.​

How we promote WGSA’s vision and values in our English lessons?

We encourage Ambition by ‘teaching to the top’: all students are expected to complete work to the highest level, with students sometimes requiring more help to achieve this.​

We have an unconditional Belief in our students’ abilities and potential, supporting all students to reach their goals.​  We explore the themes of Courage and Love in many texts we study, using texts as a springboard for discussion on what makes a strong and inspiring character. We aim to develop a courageous approach to creativity and a lasting love of literature (and alliteration!).​  We work hard to balance the skills and knowledge of our curriculum so that it reflects the Integrity of English as a core subject, and so that it prepares students for further study in the future.​

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