What will we learn in Music at WGSA?

Music skills and appreciation are introduced throughout their learning with pupils exploring their performance and creativity though experiencing different musical genres. In Year 7, we introduce musical skills, with a focus on building knowledge of the various elements of music. In Year 8 the students will continue to develop their skills in performance and composition through the exploration of different musical genres and build an understanding of the context of how and where music comes from. Later, in Year 9, students start to develop their own compositions using musical software, as well as continuing to grow their practical musical skill via music topics.

At Key Stage 4 we currently follow the Btec Music First Award.


How do we encourage students to succeed in Music at WGSA?

Music is widespread and has no boundaries, because of this, the intent of the Music curriculum is to develop empowered, inquisitive young minds that are confident in the delivery of their opinions, whilst remaining both respectful and appreciative of the decisions and roles of others within their community and the wider world

We do this through a variety of means including broadening musical experiences and interests. Develop performing skills individually and in groups whilst encouraging composing skills to organise musical ideas. Students are also encouraged to develop an awareness of a variety of instruments and styles of music, different music technologies and their use in the creation and presentation of music.

How do Music lessons at WGSA help students to prepare for the world of work?

Music is both a creative and theoretical subject with many transferable skills that can lead to many fields both in and out of the entertainment business.

Career paths can include music teaching, music therapy, sound recording, Tour Manger, computer games, Technicians, and music technology-based industries.

How we promote WGSA’s vision and values in our Music lessons?

In all music lessons at WGSA pupils are supported and nurtured by providing them with a classroom where everyone knows they will succeed and fail at times within the lessons. With the knowledge of this, pupils are taught to have the Courage to learn from their mistakes during the musical tasks, but with the Belief in their capacity to succeed. When this happens, Pupils show Love and Integrity by supporting and celebrating their peers’ successes, and this all leads to them having the aspirations to achieve their full potential and succeeding with their Ambition.