At The West Grantham Church of England Secondary Academy we believe that there should be a strong partnership between the Academy, students and parents / carers in order to ensure that students are happy, supported in their education and fulfil their potential and ambitions: our aim is for our students to reach their first destinations, including to get in to the best universities in the country, if that is what they wish.  Below are a range of resources designed to help parents and carers support young people with any problems they may be facing.  

LSCP – if you have a safeguarding concern about any young person or family

Telephone 01522 782111


Barnardo’s – See, Hear, Respond

Online Safety

Whatsapp – for important information about keeping your child safe on Whatsapp, please click here. There is also a wealth of advice on the NSPCC website surrounding Whatsapp online safety: Is Whatsapp safe for my child?

Northern Education Trust – parent control tools to keep screen time safe




Tik Tok



Peer Pressure For Young People

Managing Device Stress And Anxiety

Instagram Privacy And Blocking Complete



Top tips for parents and carers for online safety

 Cyber safety – some useful tips about all types of online safety supported by the Anti-Bullying Alliance

Staying safe online





Mental Health Support

Understanding anxiety in children

Self-harm and suicidal thoughts in children and young people – course

Mental health support for under 25s

LGBTQ+ Support

Support for parents and young people – Sexuality

Supporting with gender identity issues

SEN Support

SEN Local Offer,25%20years%20old%20with%20SEND

Other Advice and Support

Online support – messages of hate and extremism

Advice and support with bringing up a teenager

Dealing with a moody teenager

Talking to teenagers – the common issues

Female Genital Mutilation

Support in dealing with young people trying alcohol and/or drugs

Supporting your child during exam time

Worried about your child when they’re out with friends?


Sleep – advice for parents

Healthy Minds and Well-being

The Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (LPFT) Healthy Minds have some fantastic free resources such as an online parenting workshop which is aimed at supporting children with additional needs and managing their anxiety, relaxation videos for children/young people and workshops for young people to access around anxiety.

Please click on the following links to access these resources:

LPFT Website

Well-being pathway for parents