The West Grantham Church of England Secondary Academy is passionately committed to a broad range of enrichment for our students.  This includes extra-curricular activities at lunchtime, after school and learning opportunities beyond the classroom.  

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To complement a balanced and ambitious curriculum, the school offers a broad range of extra-curricular clubs and activities.  We believe that these complement the work that is done in classrooms and support the development of the whole child.

Our clubs seek to enrich the students’ time at school, develop their interests and skills both within and beyond the curriculum, and offer opportunities to build friendships across the year groups. There is of course lots of fun to be had too, through drama, music, sports and arts and crafts.

Clubs generally run from 3.00pm till 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.  However, there are some clubs that run through lunchtime and breaktimes. The Christian ethos of the school is further supported through our Academy Chaplain, who offers reflection and support for students throughout the day.