SMSC Intent Statements

At WGSA, we believe in a holistic education, experiences, and curriculum, ensuring our students leave our care ‘as well-rounded individuals with an awareness and understanding of the wider-world’.

We recognise that British Values and SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural issues) play a significant part, not only in our students’ ability to learn and achieve, but in their right and need to fully relate to the world in which they live.

The study of British Values allows students to develop an understanding of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.  The wider study of SMSC enables students to understand, explore and develop individual values, whilst recognising that those of others may differ.

SMSC and British Values are at the heart of the academy’s PSHE Drop-Down days (one day each half-term) and Collective Worship schedule. The weekly focus of Collective Worship is reinforced through a form-time reflection activity.  These activities range from the deeply philosophical to items which relate to current news stories; all of which are designed to provoke thought and discussion.

There are also other avenues for students to experience SMSC and British Values throughout their life at school, such as through educational visits, extra-curricular activities, Friday enrichment and after-school clubs. Some of these clubs are focused on curriculum areas, whilst others offer opportunities for students to develop communication, teamwork, cooperation skills and social development. External groups from the local community also provide regular support with clubs and Collective Worship. Our unique Enrichment programme is designed so that students can enjoy a breadth of experiences and learn new skills in areas that they may previously not have encountered.

Success over the last 12 months is evident, for example, in the development of our strong and continued links with local engineering companies.  This has led to WGSA being pioneers in offering an engineering GCSE that also serves as an apprenticeship.  We collectively engage in E-Safety days, the Duke of Edinburgh award and trips to businesses and universities throughout the year. Additionally, whole school days of remembrance including Remembrance Day and Holocaust Memorial Day make a huge contribution to the school, linking our vision and values with SMSC.

Visits from artists, authors and local and international business ensures that our students experience and benefit from working with those outside their usual friendship groups, whilst furthering their own academic achievement and acquisition of knowledge.

We are very proud of our regular Rewards assemblies and celebrate achievement of all pupils that have embodied the school’s values.   These values are a constant within our school and are an integral aspect of our approach to learning and sharing the core principles of British Values.  Celebration evenings allow the school community to join together in recognising contributions made by our staff and students in a variety of ways.  Students value this recognition and thrive on the celebration of their role in school.

We believe it is imperative that all adults model and promote socially responsible behaviour, treating all people as valuable individuals and showing respect for pupils and their families and stakeholders. The school guides and teaches students to differentiate between right and wrong, and how actions might adversely affect others.  Critically, children are encouraged to value themselves and others, and to understand their rights, responsibilities and place within the modern world.