What will we learn in Art at WGSA?

Students are encouraged to express themselves in different media with an emphasis on experimentation and exploration within the art disciplines of drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. Each year from year 7 to 11, students have a termly observational drawing test to improve their progressive drawing skills; year 7; shoes, year 8; drink cans, year 9; still life and GCSE; portraiture.

In KS3, students study 45 artists and designers over 3 years. The curriculum is designed with age-appropriate starting points for all years e.g. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sculpture in year 7, Identity mixed media printmaking in year 9 and human condition in GCSE art. Students research a broad range of contemporary and past artists in GCSE covering drawing, painting, printmaking and photography who create art related to difficult issues that challenge students to create exciting and experimental large 30 hour final pieces related to the human condition. Art opens the world to the student, allowing a window into other cultures and identities, helping students to understand their place in the world today.

How do we encourage students to succeed in Art at WGSA?

Students are encouraged to respect one another including their artwork, ideas and identity. Developing skills to work in groups and independently with persistence and calm is an essential feature of our approach. Progressing techniques in art and design from year 7 to 11 allows students to succeed as holistic, creative, and passionate human beings. Our curriculum constantly challenges students’ technical ability, encouraging them to explore ideas and media, take risks and create unique pieces of artwork.

In art, we support learners with gaps in their knowledge in the following ways:

  • Teachers model how to draw, paint, print or apply sculpture.  We repeat this process one to one with those who need it.  We offer regular feedback about how creative pieces can be developed as well as the strengths of their creative pieces.
  • In written work we use sentence starters to write about artists, self and peer assess, self-evaluate and annotate our work.  Assessments are also scaffolded where needed to support students to overcome barriers and exhibit their artistic skills

How do Art lessons at WGSA help students to prepare for the world of work?

We help students develop creativity, perseverance, and confidence. Students learn to express themselves in a controlled and purposeful way. We help students develop high level skills as a step up to further art education towards career paths in art, design, and creativity.

How we promote WGSA’s vision and values in our Art lessons?

Ambition is promoted in developing skills that gives students confidence. Students work in differentiated ways that interest them so they can explore future ideas. Belief is always encouraged so students believe in themselves, others, and their artwork. Courage is a huge part of creating artwork as it is needed to take risks, develop skills, and further experimentation to create unique artwork. The Love of creating art and experiencing flow when students work quietly and independently creates calm and allows the student to experiment fully and improve artistic skills developing confidence. Integrity is encouraged by researching past and contemporary artists, designers, and cultures. By understanding the identity, spirituality, morality, cultural and social aspects of the artist’s lives, students learn why they create the art, craft, and design they do.