STEM club launched the electricity project this week, the project will run until Christmas culminating in reverse engineering of a motor to make renewable energy from wind. With access to Mr Butt’s 3D printer, various wind turbine blades will be investigated to generate electricity efficiently.

This week students built a ‘wiggly wire’ steady hand game.

Mr Gillion’s Boccia club has is proving to be highly competitive, especially with staff! Similar to French Boules but for hard indoor surfaces. A perfect sport for experienced hands and newcomers.

Music clubs start next week, permission is needed for after school clubs. Keyboard club has limited availability, 15 places available and sign up with Miss Jackson-Keirle in the music room.

KS3 (Y7, 8) Music Tuesday lunchtimes and Keyboard Club Fridays 3-4 after school.

Monday sees the start of the schools FA cup, year 8 are in action at home and match report to follow.