This week West Grantham Secondary Year 7 football team played Charles Read Academy at home.  The team has some impressive individuals who performed well in a difficult game. The attitude of the students was fantastic and they worked tirelessly throughout the game.  Emlyn Broad, Aaron McClory and Charlie Tulloch were standout performances, with player of the match being awarded to Aaron McClory for outstanding play and excellent work ethic.

STEM club investigated copper extraction and purification. The students worked well and showed great technical ability in obtaining pure copper from copper oxide. Scientists of the week were Torin Milne and Hedwin Ajesh for excellent practical technique and an attention to detail.

The enrichment program continues to provide our students with opportunities to explore new skills, hobbies and interests. Archery, cooking, escape rooms, golf and football were really enjoyed by the students this week.

Exam season has started, and the year 11 students have shown great maturity preparing for the exams. There is a real focus and drive to be ready to tackle the next three weeks and the students seemed extremely confident entering their biology exam this morning.