This month students have been learning about LGBT+ History month.

LGBT+ History Month aims to promote equality, diversity and inclusion by increasing the visibiity of LGBT+ people and the history, lives and experiences locally, nationally and internationally of LGBT+ people.

LGBT+ History Month promotes awareness, representation, inclusion, equality, diversity,  safety, wellbeing, harmony and happiness.

The reason LGBT+ history month is in February in the United Kingdom is because it marks the abolition of Section 28, now twenty years ago, which was a law which forbade the promotion of the LGBT+ community.

Today, massive, positive, legal strides have been made as people show respect, understanding and empathy for one another, truly living out the values of equality, diversity, inclusion and respect.

This progress, and care,  must, and will, continue, as it must, and will, continue against all prejudice, discrimination, disrespect and hate.