Religious Education

Religious Education

What will we learn in RE at WGSA?

Religious Education (RE) gives a unique opportunity for all students, regardless of belief or faith, to explore important and essential questions of life and beyond. Supported by the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus and a balanced approach to the curriculum, students will focus their studies on believing (Theology), living (Human/Social Sciences) and thinking (Philosophy). In addition to the Christian beliefs that underpin our Academy’s Vision and Values, students will explore a breath of different religions, reflective of both our local and national context, whilst also considering non-religious belief systems.

At Key Stage 4, we currently follow Edexcel Spec B Short Course.

How do we encourage students to succeed in RE at WGSA?

Students are encouraged to form their own opinions, to appreciate and respect the views of others and to show empathy and understanding. As an academic subject, students are supported in their development through explanation, evaluation, and analysis amongst other key cross-curricular skills. Students are encouraged to be curious, to question and to be tolerant. The RE department uses frequent low stakes testing to adapt lessons and the curriculum to best suit student progress both academically and holistically.

How do RE lessons at WGSA help students to prepare for the world of work?

It’s important to recognize the essential transferable skills taught in RE such as effective communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Students will be exposed to different cultures and taught valuable lessons regarding promoting and accepting the differences we have within in our communities. There is a strong sense of justice, of morality, that is essential for all types of work and next steps in each of our student’s lives.

How we promote WGSA’s vision and values in our RE lessons?

We encourage all students to have Ambition in their learning, to go above and beyond and to expand on their curiosity about some of life’s ‘big questions’. We value Belief and allow students an opportunity to explore their own, never dictating, but always encouraging students to know what they believe and why. We ask students to demonstrate Courage whilst tackling difficult questions and to show Love for all in the classroom by appreciating the differences that make us unique. We encourage Integrity in the pursuit of knowledge, learning and knowing more.

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